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VIP Passport is a reusable lottery ticket. There's NO need to buy new tickets. Re-entries are automatic for succeeding drawings.

  Winners drawn every 10,000
new VIP Passports issued.

Visit often not to miss the winnings. Display website on the homescreen of smart devices, just like other apps, for easy access.

Prize starts at $ 20,000.00 cash in the preferred form, plus 200 VIP Passports valued at $31,000.00 for a total value of $51,000.00.







Cash prize in preferred forms below:

  • Remittance to the
  • Down payment
    for a home in the
  • Philippine bound
    plane ticket


  • Payment to home mortgage/rent,
    car loan, credit card, or student loans
  • Annuity or life insurance premium
Prize of current drawing increases when no one claims the prize on the previous drawing, or when winner of the previous drawing has not met the qualification.
Both winner and VIP Host must have hosted at least 2 VIPs by the time of the drawing to be eligible winners.

The winner and his or her VIP Host share the prize equally.

Chance of winning is increased by hosting more VIPs, since VIP and VIP Host share the prize.

VIPs may win multiple times.

Keep the excitement alive! Good Luck, VIPs!

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See WINNERS here when
we reach 10,000 VIPs.
Prize: $51,000.00
That's about P2,550,000.00)