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  • is an easy way to do business

  • offers business ownership supported by the benefits from the network

  • provides a developed system and business model

  • doesn't require experience

  • provides ongoing training and guidance

  • provides ongoing support and assistance

  • has a higher rate of success than start-up businesses

  • provides an established image and advertising

Most franchise cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions to buy with ongoing periodic fees.
BagongPlaneta costs nothing ever. That's right, $0.00

Most franchise can only operate on chosen territory and requires a store or an office building to operate.
BagongPlaneta allows operation anywhere.

Most franchise dictates hours of operation.
BagongPlaneta allows any time to operate.

Most franchise are complicated to operate and takes time to learn and start.
BagongPlaneta is as easy as filling a short form with a VIP name and an email address.

Most franchise dictate how to run the business.
BagongPlaneta encourages creativity.


Imagine, your VIP Passport makes you a franchise owner for FREE! Unbelievable! 


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