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Saying "I love MamaPinas" is not enough.
For her, Pinoys need to do more than that.
Something different. Something powerful.
But first, they need to empower themselves.

With the advancing technology, it is now
possible to connect the 
 Pinoys all over the world,
Help elevate their financial situation,
Help their families and friends,
By providing a LIVELIHOOD that
            • ~ is easy to do yet offers unlimited income,
            • ~ can be done anytime, anywhere in the world,
            • ~ makes money even while at sleep,
            • ~ is relevant, essential, and time-tested.

So, when Pinoys become financially better,
          • ~ they can remit more money to love ones,
          • ~ they can buy new homes in their native land,
          • ~ and they can visit MamaPinas more often.

And that will boost MamaPinas' economy!


And that makes them Very Important Pinoys.
Yes! The VIPs, can make it happen
through our Global Bayanihan.



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