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Our Very Important Partners


BagongPlaneta partners with these modern entrepreneurial heroes to empower our community.

Their endeavor is a reflection of brilliant unique values, passion, abilities, strength, tenacity, and endless determination to grow through an assortment of twists and turns.

Their goals provide deep fulfillment, a sense of gratitude, and a contribution to the world at large.

They may operate a  small business at home or a corporation with thousands of employees. But they all face and overcome struggles, challenges, and sacrifices, and they deserve a little more fame.

They put their life on hold and geared their dreams. They went their own way and usually go it alone. 

Chibog, FEFA, and PinoyGears partners... We thank your life-shaping forces.


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from our Very Important Partners




These establishments promote Philippine products exportation and consumption. Here is where our authentic cuisine and pinoybeing is showcased to the world. Here is Pinoys' home away from home. Here is where families bond and new friendships are formed.

These are principled financial professionals sharing their expertise with the mission of helping members of our community achieve their financial goals-- from where they are now to where they want to be. Their endeavor of empowering our community shall eventually impact our native land.

These little gears make a big difference. With integrity and purpose, they took risks to pursue a vision and an endeavor of making our community a better place. They are leaving a legacy of realization of dreams, passing wisdom and insights that will change lives of many aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals.

Gerry G. Grindulo
The Difference, Las Vegas, NV

Aloha Kitchen & Bar
Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Leelin Bakery & Cafe

Manila Sunset


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